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The healthiest building in the Netherlands

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Amsterdam’s Zuidas financial district boasts another green building since May 2018. A former post office has been transformed into an office building with a positive influence on the health and well-being of the people who work there. With the cooperation of Vermaat, Edge Olympic has become the first building in the Netherlands to obtain WELL Core & Shell Platinum Certification. This is a standard for healthy buildings that applies to seven WELL categories: air, water, lighting, food, vitality, comfort and spirit.

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At the moment, there are only six buildings in the world that meet this standard. Vermaat is extremely proud of our collaboration with EDGE Technologies, and of our contribution as a hospitality partner to realising the healthiest building in the Netherlands. We’re also proud of having an impact on the health and well-being of the people who work there. Interested in how we achieved this WELL-earned result?

    • We promote fresh fruit every day.
    • All of our vegetables are organic, and all our meat comes with the ‘Beter Leven’ mark for animal welfare.
    • Our selection starts out with vegetables (vegetarian), followed by fish, and lastly by meat. It’s a unique buffet layout that moves from the healthiest to the less healthy options.
    • In preparing the dishes, our chefs bear in mind nutritional value, calories, allergens, sustainability and organic character.
    • We also make use of clear signage, so that on entering the restaurant, it’s immediately obvious which allergens are present, with specific labelling for each dish on the buffet that shows the allergens and the nutritional value per 100g.
    • Ready-made products are clearly labelled with their ingredients, such as added sugars.
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