The culinary heart of HNK, the flexible office concept.

The Social

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HNK, Het Nieuwe Kantoor (The New Office), believes that the better you feel in your workplace, the better you can do your job. That is why the eight office locations are fully designed to allow tenants to grow – both personally and as an organization. As a provider of ‘the office of the future,’ HNK intentionally writes ‘Hospitality’ with a capital H. With an eye for sustainability, wellbeing, and convenience, HNK ensures every day that its tenants have everything they need. Of course, food and beverages play a crucial role. How do Vermaat and HNK fulfill this need? The Social is our answer.

For what exactly does HNK stand? At eight locations in the Netherlands, the office of the future is brought to life. The business sector has an increasing need for flexibility and good service. And that is s precisely where HNK’s focus lies, whether it is about a tailor-made office, a workspace for a day, or a meeting room. In such a unique working environment, catering plays an essential role. The Social has become the culinary heart of HNK.

1 tm 6 The Social
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Own identity

Looking to the future, being ahead of trends, making a difference now - these are things we always consider when creating our unique hospitality concepts. We pay close attention to our target audience. And of course, we do this in close collaboration with our partners. In the podcast ‘The New Office’ by HNK, our Director of Marketing & Concepts, Hendrik Franken, joins to provide additional insight into concept creation. “We always make a deep-dive into the core values of our partners,” Hendrik says. “Who are our guests and for whom are we creating?” We do not only develop for the HNK brand, but also for the people who work there. What are their needs? Based on that, we create a customized program. This always happens in consultation, step-by-step.

“With The Social, we have given the hospitality in HNK its own identity, in line with the HNK brand. The Social is not just about food and beverages, we also consider assortment, service, marketing, and interior design. We see food as both physical and mental fuel for the entire day,” Hendrik adds. “In need of energy? You will find it at The Social. In need of inspiration, alone or with others? The Social is the answer. Looking for some good vibes? You guessed it: The Social. At The Social, we give the concept of eating and drinking value in many ways because that is what we are good at.”

Are you curious to hear the full story about the creation of The Social? Hendrik tells all about it in HNK’s podcast.


Fuel Friendly Fun

The Social consists of three pillars: Fun, Friendly en Fuel. In our opinion, the importance of Fun in the work environment should not be underestimated. For example, we regularly add a surprise to the menu, involve tenants in brainstorming for new items, and organize a unique program that suits the target group. Friendly is an extension of Hospitality. The Social is the social heart of HNK, where the host knows you by name, and the barista knows whether or not you want (oat) milk in your coffee. The Social is a place you enjoy visiting, together with your colleagues. Fuel is the energy for the workday; energy that is gained from social interactions or nutritious energizers. Our culinary offerings are characterized by ‘sustainable, surprising superpowers.’

Watch the video of the opening of The Social below.

Community community community

Programming is hugely important to establish a connection with your building tenants. This is already happening more often within traditional hospitality, but rarely within corporate hospitality. The occasional Italian week with hats and flags aside, the focus is on how we can connect with our target groups through unique events. Ted Talks, a Pub Quiz, expert sessions, or a morning yoga session. Anything to encourage connection with the tenants and build a community. The mobile HNK app is a good example of this. Besides using Click & Collect on a busy day, you will also find vouchers for free cups of coffee, lunches, and goodie bags.

We do everything to make the traditional workplace attractive again. We see an increasing need from employers to get people back to the office, and our catering plays a crucial role in this. At HNK, we give substance to the concept ‘FOMO’: Fear Of Missing Office. We make coming to the office more attractive for all our tenants.

Trend rapport

The Social is the living proof of how we envision the future of office use. Are you curious about this vision? We have developed a suitable trend report for you: Magnetize. We have divided all trends and insights into seven themes and offer twelve concrete suggestions that contribute to an attractive office environment. Would you like to receive the trend report and sit down with us to discuss our findings? Please click on the tile below for more information.

How do you get your employees back to the office?

All about Magnetize

Listen to the HNK podcast with Hendrik Franken.

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