Flevoziekenhuis Almere

I do everything at 7%

Denzell Purvis (22) is a chef at Flevoziekenhuis. He has only 7% vision, which means he is only able to see clearly at very short distances. This is certainly not easy, but he manages just fine in the kitchen. In fact, he’s an excellent cook!

Vermaat in the healthcare sector

Denzell is one of Vermaat’s group of passionately dedicated hospital chefs. We employ around 900 people in hospitals, who make an early start every day to prepare and serve healthy, good and delicious food. Everything from comforting muffins to healthy salads and hot meals is on offer to the hospital’s visitors, patients and staff.

Vermaat manages everything relating to hospitality and retail within the hospital. This includes restaurants and shops for both staff and visitors, and we also provide espresso bars, cater for meetings and manage all of the hospital’s vending machines. Our services are based on a unique hospitality concept specifically tailored to the hospital’s needs and aimed at strengthening the hospital’s mission and the way it is experienced by its users.

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