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Every company is different; we know that only too well. And it’s precisely that distinctive character that makes your organisation unique and attractive. The character of successful companies is immediately evident – their DNA is recognisable in everything they do. When it comes to food and beverages, we’ll deliver a hospitality package that’s completely suited to your needs and that makes your company stand out even more.

Tailored solutions

For years, Vermaat has specialised in providing customised business catering. We serve tens of thousands of guests every day in a wide range of work places in the Netherlands, from start-ups and mainstream companies to the high-end business and international market. When we develop our concepts, we base them on the vision and mission of our business partners so that our hospitality services reinforce the brand experience for staff and visitors alike.


Food unites. At Vermaat, it’s this basic idea that drives our desire to create opportunities for our guests to enjoy food and drinks together. There is a particular challenge in facilitating the aspect of togetherness for multi-tenants, for whom a sense of community adds great value to the overall experience. Just imagine what you could achieve if you had a pleasant place where people could eat or enjoy a drink together. We are leaders in hospitality solutions in this area, for everything from concept and design to programming.

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Creative team

Our hospitality solutions contribute a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere to any environment. Whether you opt for a living room concept or an all-in food experience, we will always create a world of taste that aligns seamlessly with your needs. We develop every aspect of the solution within our own four walls. From concept to construction, from purchasing to marketing, and from HR to F&B, our creative team works together to design the ideal hospitality experience, right down to the finest detail.

Our catering teams are right at home with the dynamics of the location, and continually respond to the needs of any given moment. Our commitment to personal interaction and, naturally, our delicious range means that we can make the difference every day between a good meal and a truly memorable dining experience.

Sustainable ambition

At Vermaat, we are committed to being an increasingly healthier, more sustainable and more socially responsible hospitality company, and we’re refining our working methods accordingly. Whether it concerns our choice of ingredients and the composition of our dishes, or our waste management methods and sustainable investment in our kitchens, we’re making every aspect measurable at every location. In doing so, we demonstrate our capacity to make food that is delicious, healthy and responsible, while contributing positively to the world of food and beverages.

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