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Anyone who needs an all-round, premium event caterer is bound to find their way to Food Fantasies. Over the last 18 years, Karel Hessing and Sonia Philipse have developed Amsterdam’s Food Fantasies into an exclusive partner for corporate events, weddings, private dinners and cultural events. Their hard work and dedication means that the company’s reputation now extends far beyond the capital city.

Highly personal

Nothing is too crazy for Food Fantasies: ‘We want something blue, sparkling and masculine at our event,’ a fashion label once wrote. It’s just this sort of lively thinking that inspires us and is important for a successful event. That’s why we put a great deal of energy into our relationship with our clients, because the greatest ideas spring forth from those interactions. We then give the ideas our own professional interpretation so that everything fits together seamlessly, from the venue and decor to the programme and culinary execution. And once the event is prepared and under way, the guests will also be able to enjoy the hospitality and service delivered by our employees. Let’s get the party started!

Always surprising

Food Fantasies wants to make every dream come true. That’s why we maintain the highest of standards, and have a meticulous eye for detail. Because every dream is unique and requires a unique interpretation, we’re continually challenging ourselves on the creative and culinary levels, with results that always surprise and delight. However, as they say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’, so take a look at some photos of the events we’re most proud of!

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