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Vermaat has been active in the leisure sector since 2002. Our partners are as varied as the sector is broad: from Artis to the Spoorwegmuseum, and from the Groninger Forum to the Nationaal Militair Museum. And whether you’re at Circuit Zandvoort or the Rijksmuseum, we’ll always provide a leading hospitality concept that reinforces the signature of the location. This means things like tailor-made food and beverages, decor and design, and a guest experience that lives up to the visitor’s expectations.

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Added value

In the Netherlands, we’re opting to eat out more and more, and are therefore increasingly at home in the hospitality industry. On the one side, the maturity of the guest means greater appreciation of a good concept, while on the other hand it also means their needs are more refined. The added value is no longer in a healthier range, the use of fresh and sustainable ingredients, or traditional preparation methods. Instead, it’s all about the total experience. That’s why we look at the guest’s experience and the world of our client to determine the best place for each hospitality point on the convenience/experience axis. And we’re prepared to take this to the extreme. The acclaimed RIJKS® restaurant in the Rijksmuseum is a striking example of this, with guests being treated to culinary masterworks that almost rival those displayed in the museum itself.


In our partnerships with leisure locations, at Vermaat we like to look beyond simply serving the private visitor. As a premium catering partner, we also offer customised culinary experiences for the business sector, for everything ranging from meetings to large-scale events. We also offer active support with the promotion of leisure locations and share our knowledge on the acquisition of events and parties.

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