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More and more people are choosing air travel as a means of getting from A to B. The growing number of travellers means that the demand for high-quality catering at airports is also increasing. In the Netherlands, Vermaat is partnered with Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport and Groningen Airport Eelde, for whom we provide innovative hospitality concepts such as The Cloud Club, Eggs & Co, and Blue by KLM.

Time and quality

Time is often the most important factor for travellers who are passing through airports. Some may have plenty of time to relax, while others have just enough time to grab a bite on their way through. However, we’re convinced that even people in a hurry will take time out for a good concept that you can see at a glance. Vermaat stands out from the rest by developing appealing, well-organised concepts centred on guest-oriented staff, rapid service and a freshly prepared range, including for the traveller in a hurry. The following three mini-cases at Schiphol are perfect examples.

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Whenever you’re feeling peckish, but you don’t know exactly what you want, you’ll always be taking the right exit by dropping in at Crossroads. This small, brasserie-themed restaurant has an informal atmosphere with bistro-style tables that spill over into the airport. Crossroads is a culinary interchange that can take you anywhere, from Scandinavian to Basque cuisine, and from Dutch pancakes to American hot dogs.

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Per Tutti

Per Tutti is the perfect stopover for a quick bite to eat, or to pick up something to enjoy on your journey. Per Tutti offers pure Italian cooking, with artisanal pizzas and pasta dishes made to our own delicious recipes. The salads are also home-made, the Piadine freshly prepared, and the flavour of the coffee is bellissimo. In short, Italia Per Tutti: Italy for everyone!

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Happy Seafood

With its extensive fish and seafood menu, Happy Seafood is a restaurant and takeaway in one. Everything in our range is caught using responsible fishing methods, and is offered fresh six days per week. With herring as a local specialty, and perennial favourites such as salmon and tuna, Happy Seafood will put a smile on the face of every fish lover.

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