Vermaat Talent Class

Gift for my colleagues

Simone de Kruijf, assistant hospitality manager at KPMG, took the year-long Vermaat Talent Class in 2018. The course taught her a great deal about herself, enabling her to make enormous progress. She viewed the whole experience as a gift, and this inspired her to present all of her colleagues with a gift in return: the power key.

Her wish is for her power key to empower her colleagues to get the best out of themselves. When she offers a colleague this ‘key to success’, she challenges them to spend a month finding the answers to important questions such as: What makes you happy? What are your qualities? Are you making the best possible use of your capabilities? Learn from others! When the month comes to an end, they can pass on the power key to another colleague.

Talent Class & Master Class

At Vermaat, we offer you all the space you need to develop and invest in yourself. Let's make it yours! You can work and grow in your own way, using your own characteristics and qualities. These are what make you unique, and committing to development – both professional and personal – is very important. That’s why we’ve established the Vermaat Academy for our employees. Staff can take the Talent Class or the Master Class to explore, deepen and strengthen their leadership and management qualities. The Talent Class focuses on management skills, while the Master Class is devoted to developing personal leadership. At the end of the course, the participants present their final assignment – just as Simone did with her power key.

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