Sonneskenk wines

Here’s to a sunny future!

Sonneskenk translates literally to ‘pouring the sun’, and you couldn’t find a more appropriate name. The grapes used in Sonneskenk wines are cultivated on the extraordinary soils of the Huize Weltevrede Estate in South Africa’s Western Cape region. Nestled among richly forested mountains and bathed in the warmth of a Mediterranean climate, the Estate is the perfect nursery for this wonderful, sun-drenched wine.

And the sunshine doesn’t just go into the wine; we also do everything we can to provide a sunny future for the younger generations who live nearby. Many young children here are living below the poverty line, with little certainty and no future prospects. To address this, the Jakes Gerwel Technical School has been established in partnership with the Edge of Life Fund. It’s a zero dropout school, which means that students cannot be dismissed. This is enormously beneficial to the children, each of whom receives a genuine opportunity to learn and develop. The ultimate goal is for each student to leave the school as a young adult, full of hope, confidence and knowledge to help them on their way.

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With Sonneskenk, Vermaat has deliberately chosen a sustainable partnership and active involvement with the Edge of Life Fund. Not only are we investing financially, we are also committed to investing our time and knowledge in the students at Jakes Gerwel Technical School. With this in mind, we are starting up practical training in hospitality and gastronomy with master classes given by our own employees, and we’re working towards an exchange programme in the Netherlands for the students. Here’s to a sunny future!

About the Edge of Life Fund

The Edge of Life Fund focuses primarily on restoring the self-esteem of individuals. Every person is important, unique and special, and deserves the opportunity to live their own dream. Huize Weltevrede founded the Edge of Life Fund with the desire to bridge the gap for those living in poverty.

The Fund supports projects encouraging underprivileged people to fulfil their potential. One such project is the Jakes Gerwel Technical School in Bonnievale, where children are encouraged to discover their own potential and learn to value themselves, and to grow beyond their own expectations.

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