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50% less food waste by 2027, with AI


Food waste accounts for nearly 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and yet one-third of all food ends up in the trash. Such a waste! To change this, we created the Vermaat Food Vision: we are committed to reduce our food waste with 50% by 2027. Using the smart technology of Orbisk, which utilizes artificial intelligence to make visible what and when food is wasted, we are working hard to achieve this goal.

‘Food waste is one of the most unnecessary problems of our time. We don’t need to invent, build, or develop anything; it is all about reducing,’ says Pauline Rosenberg, Food & Sustainability Expert at Vermaat. ‘In other words: buy less and produce less of what we don’t eat. During the pilot phase, Orbisk’s technology has brought us insights with the smart food waste monitor. Now, we are scaling up the collaboration to increase our impact. Kristie Habraken, Business Development Manager at Orbisk, comments: ‘As pioneers like Vermaat demonstrate on a large scale that things can be done differently, we notice more and more food players realizing that wasting food is no longer acceptable.’


To measure is to know

But how do you know if you have prepared just the right amount of food for your guests? The answer is data. And that’s what Orbisk’s smart food waste monitor provides. Pauline states: ‘By fully automatically recognizing what is being thrown away and presenting this information clearly, you gain insight into your food waste. You can then adjust your process accordingly, from purchasing to menu. At various pioneering locations, we already reduced our food waste by 27%’.

Watch the video

Currently, the Orbi’s, as the monitors are called, are being deployed across Vermaat locations. This way, there will soon be a complete insight into what is being wasted and how the various locations are doing. Curious to see how this works in practice? Mychel Jansen explains in the video below how he uses Orbisk at Triodos Bank.

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