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Vermaat and ABN-AMRO have joined forces to create the circular hospitality pavilion ‘CIRCL’. CIRCL is a carbon-neutral, demountable building designed to have as little impact on the planet as possible. Everything you see, hear, taste, smell and feel has a circular, sustainable story behind it, from chairs made from recycled refrigerators to dishes showcasing rescued vegetables. At CIRCL Restaurant, we strive to awaken all of your senses through the attention we pay to humanity and the environment.

Rudolf Brand

CIRCL is a living laboratory that makes progress every day in the circular food and beverages economy. One example is the shift towards a plant-based menu with 80% vegetables and 20% meat. Another is a change of priority from portion size to nutritional value. Chef Rudolf Brand follows circular principles in his restaurant cooking, and battles food waste on a daily basis. He also employs sustainable cooking techniques such as bottling and fermentation. His goal is to serve delicious dishes and make a positive impact, while minimising energy consumption and waste production. And naturally, everything we learn at CIRCL is transferable to our other locations.

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Sustainable partners

At CIRCL, we work with suppliers who share our vision and contribute to improving the world. For example, we work with Iambe, a bakery which employs people for whom the labour market is less accessible. We also use exclusively Dutch meat, which we obtain from Natuurlijk Beheer, Lindenhoff and Brandt & Levie. Our dishes contain products sourced from Instock, a company which processes leftover fruit and vegetables from supermarkets. Batches of rescued oranges or beans often find new life in a CIRCL dish!

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