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How do you get your employees back to the office?

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From offline to online and yet back again. COVID policies, hybrid working, work-life balance, Zoom and Teams have changed working life significantly, especially in the office.

From their mandatory domestic offices, employees discovered that working from home also brought advantages. Such as the sudden freedom to better balance work and private life. Then again, every advantage has its disadvantage, as interactions with other employees became more functional. Impacting the connection with each other and with the company. And even the workplace happiness. Our Magnetize whitepaper revealed that many companies would like to see their employees returning to the office more often, to stimulate mutual connection. But how? That is the big question.

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Back to the office

In 2021, we conducted extensive research and together with our corporate hospitality contacts, we predicted what the world would look like 'post-COVID'. The current Magnetize whitepaper describes our efforts over the last few months in investigating whether those predictions have come true. By and large, the picture we foresaw a year back is accurate and we now have entered the 'back to the office' phase. However, the one thing nobody had predicted is that it would be so difficult to fill that office again.

The right balance

All together, we are exploring the impact of hybrid working on large scale. We too are tweaking our ideal interpretation of our policies on work-life, home-office and physical-digital. Our research shows that, on average, people still spend 50% of their working time in the office. Companies and multi-tenant buildings are trying to adjust to this and find a new balance. Yet as much as 47% indicate that the current occupancy is not adequate. How do you cope with this as management? This is a major issue and, with learning by doing, we have experimented a lot. While not everything we've tried was effective, we learnt and discovered a lot. We now can conclude that any organisation using the office as a ‘clubhouse’ is well on its way in solving many issues.

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It’s all about attraction

With the findings of our Magnetize whitepaper, we see many opportunities for organisations to make the office even more attractive. After all, it's all about attraction. We invite you to join us in implementing this using the latest insights. And build towards 'the new office' together. Each organisation has its own desires and that requires flexibility, guts and creativity. And that is exactly what makes it attractive!

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