The touch of Vermaat
Vermaat started out more than 40 years ago at St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein. We now operate as a hospitality partner in half of all Dutch hospitals, managing all of the hospitality and retail services that each healthcare institution wishes to provide to its patients, visitors and staff.
Vermaat feels at home everywhere. We provide custom hospitality experiences every day at more than 180 locations in the business sector. Our concepts provide a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere in every work environment, strengthening the brand experience for staff, business associates and visitors.
Vermaat has been active in the leisure sector since 2002. Our partners are as varied as the sector is broad, but whether you’re at Circuit Zandvoort or the Rijksmuseum, we’ll always provide a leading hospitality concept that reinforces the signature of the location.
Vermaat has been providing airport hospitality services in the travel sector for quite some time now. With a growing number of innovative hospitality concepts such as The Cloud Club, Eggs & Co and Blue by KLM, we are a successful partner to Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport and Groningen Airport Eelde.