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A good meal for a person is what a solid foundation is for a building. It is necessary for a productive and healthy day. The building blocks are well-known: fuel, vitamins, and minerals. How do you ensure that employees get the right building blocks for the work they do? At construction company BAM, we demonstrate how important it is to offer guests a smart choice.

The role of the office is rapidly changing. It is no longer just a place to work, but also a place for meeting, relaxation, and inspiration. Food and beverages play a significant role in this transformation. It can contribute to a more productive and healthier workday.

Extra kick, balance and concentration

At the office, you want to make the most of your day. From productive meetings and creative brainstorm sessions to catching up with colleagues. It is smart to have food and beverages containing stimulating ingredients that match the tasks ahead of you. With Smart Foods, we offer a nutrition program that provides proven combinations of tasty and healthy ingredients as building blocks for the day. Whether you need an extra kick, balance, or concentration.

With Smart Foods, you can choose from three different themes to fit your needs:

  • Fresh Forward: Facing a long day ahead? The last thing you need is a dip in energy. Slow carbohydrates keep you feeling full longer and stabilize your blood sugar level. An example: a biological whole grain sandwich with mackerel, baba ghanoush, nuts, beet sprouts, seafood, and arugula. Ingredients like fatty fish primarily focus on slowly absorbing energy.
  • Kick It: Is your brain in a lockdown? You probably need an energy boost. What helps is a shot of ginger, spinach, oatmeal, lime, grapefruit, blueberries, soy yogurt, and nuts! Ingredients like spinach, ginger, and nuts primarily focus on rapidly absorbing energy.
  • Go Create: Need a dose of creativity and focus? Take care of your brain with healthy fats, vitamin C, and protein-rich foods. For example, a carrot taco with black rice, seeds, yogurt dressing, avocado, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa, red onion, and nuts. Ingredients like black rice, seeds, and avocado stimulate the executive function and overall cognitive function of the body.
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Smart Foods at construction company BAM

Construction company BAM in Bunnik uses these building blocks for their employees. Bea and Martijn are the passionate hospitality manager and chef here. They believe in the power of Smart Foods. Bea: ‘We find it important to build a good relationship with our guests. That is why we always ensure a personal approach and a varied offering. Hundreds of people work here. We know many of them by name and understand what they like and don’t like.’

Martijn adds: ‘We experiment with new dishes and combinations and see what is popular, what works and does not work. We do this by always offering our guests a smart choice. Always high in flavor, freshly prepared, and good for our guests’ health. With Smart Foods signage, we draw extra attention. We really notice that people gradually make the ‘smarter choice’, choosing the Smart Foods dish of the day rather than, for example, the croquette sandwich or chocolate bar. And that means something in our slightly more traditional environment.’

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Happy guests

The guests are happy with the smart and healthy meals and the right fuel that Smart Foods provides to perform optimally every day. You can notice this by the atmosphere in the restaurant when hundreds of employees pass by Martijn’s dishes: ‘It’s like a star-rated restaurant, the dishes are always delicious and are made and served with great care and dedication! Every day there are various dishes to give your day an extra boost. Martijn’s soy yogurt bowls, for example, they give just the kick you need after lunch!’

And that’s exactly what it is all about. Smart Foods is more than food and beverages. It is a way to support and surprise employees by making the office a place they enjoy coming to and where they receive the smart building blocks for their day.

It’s all about attraction

With Smart Foods, we encourage employees to get the most out of their day. It is also a way to get closer to your guests. What do they like? What works and what doesn’t work? People are more likely to try a new dish when somebody they know offers it to them. This connection between employee and guest is essential.

For many organizations, there are lots of opportunities in this area. This is one of the conclusions we draw in our Magnetize trend report. The trends and insights are divided into 7 themes, and we make 12 concrete suggestions that contribute to an attractive office environment.

Would you like to receive the trend report and discuss our findings with us? Please enter your details below. One of our colleagues, Barbara Knols, Tessa Riesmeijer or Pien Meijerink, will contact you as soon as possible.

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