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Hey Evi, nice to see you again! While barista Linda Gonzalez welcomes this employee at the WPP Campus in Amsteldok, she prepares a flat white for Evi without asking. Linda knows almost everyone in the business center at the bank of the Amstel River. No wonder, as this in-house espresso bar is the central meeting point of Amsteldok.

At more companies and business centers, you see the trend of clubhousification come to life, often with the espresso bar as the vibrant center. Nowadays, the office is much more than a place to work; it serves more as a clubhouse, a cozy place where colleagues feel connected, come together, and exchange ideas.

Daily shot of culture

Clubhousification is the movement to make the office attractive again for employees. Companies and organizations increasingly need to attract employees to the office. The daily dynamics lead to rhythm and energy, maintain the informal network, and have a positive effect on corporate culture. Food and beverages are a proven connecting factor.

‘Investing in making the office environment attractive is necessary in this time of hybrid working, because working from home too much literally and figuratively creates distance,’ says Anouk Vonk, Building Services & Experience Manager Amsteldok. ‘Of course, it is no rocket science: every cup of coffee you drink together, every meal you enjoy with your colleagues, strengthens your mutual bond, and that contributes to good cooperation. That’s why the espresso bar works so well. By meeting here or even working for a while, I get my daily shot of culture, and that really energizes me. It’s casual and therefore ideal for new employees to get to know our colleagues."


Always a familiar face

Baristas like Linda play a key role in this, much more than just ‘the coffee specialist’ behind the counter. Good baristas enhance the clubhouse experience, welcome you, know who you are, and what you like. And with that, they create a positive atmosphere at the office. Linda: ‘The connecting power of food and beverages should not be underestimated. It attracts people throughout the day. My espresso bar offers more than you’d expect: I have an all-day menu with something for everyone, including healthy options. My homemade brownies are so popular that employees take them home to put them in the freezer!’

Keep the vibrant atmosphere

50-50, 60-40, or 80-20, whatever percentage of remote working you use as an employer, success often is not measured by the rules. It’s about motivating people to come to the office, to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Office). Sabine Koers, Community Manager at Vermaat: ‘Organizing community events works well as a trigger for employees to go to the office. Tastings sessions, themed events, guest speakers, pub quizzes, or a pétanque competition contribute to a relaxed and inspiring environment. You can immediately see corporate culture changing into a vibrant community where employees thrive and work together.’

It’s all about attraction

With the espresso bar, baristas, community managers, and attractive office events, we encourage employees to come to the office more and feel at home. For many organizations, there are lots of opportunities in this area. This is one of the conclusions we draw in our Magnetize trend report. The trends and insights are divided into 7 themes, and we make 12 concrete suggestions that contribute to an attractive office environment.

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