House of Friendship



For years, far beyond Amsterdam this location was known as Grand Cafe Amstelhoeck, located close to the Amstel River, Rembrandtplein and the Stopera. At this special location, the renewed Amstel1 opened last June after having undergone a complete transformation.

In times past, sailors from all over the world would gather at this location to trade and toast to life. It was a breeding ground for new friendships. We re-introduced this function to the place. The result is Amstel1, “House of Friendship”. Seven days a week, we welcome guests for breakfast, lunch, drinks, and dinner. Inside, the ambiance breathes a warm bistro atmosphere. The terrace on the Amstel is undoubtedly the most beautiful of its kind.

‘Jordanese’ meatball

For Amstel1, a menu has been composed around classic and recognizable bistro dishes. For this, close collaborations have been established with local partners such as Abraham Kef and Stadsbakkerij van As. One of the highlights on the menu is the famous Jordanese meatball from Slagerij Louman, served in gravy and accompanied by Amsterdam pickles. In addition, Amstel1 has an extensive snacks menu, perfect for sharing with friends. Did you know that Amstel1’s snacks platter has been proclaimed the best in Amsterdam by none other than Eke Bosman - known as the Snackspert?

Snackspert: ‘The Amsterdam snack platter from Amstel1 is, no joke, really the best in town. With grilled sausage-cheese from Louwman, meatballs from the same butcher, and of course delicious old-fashioned cheese cubes that are 4 times better than the average cubes you get at your nephew’s birthday party. Every bite is a celebration, and you know: it’s right. Truly the best platter I’ve seen in the capital!’


Friends table

Everyone is welcome at Amstel1. Those who are born and raised in Amsterdam, as well as lost tourists, teenagers, and your grandpa, alone with a newspaper or together with a group of friends. Yes, everyone who enters Amstel1 finds themselves in a cozy bar-bistro that breathes the history of the building. With the atmosphere of the past and the quality of today. At Amstel1, it’s all about friendship and fun. You can even reserve a friends table for 10 people. This cozy table can be found in a corner of the restaurant and comes with its own beer tap! So you and your friends can enjoy great chilled beer.

Modern ‘brown café’ with the most beautiful terrace in Amsterdam

With its authentic interior like wooden chairs and bar, old-fashioned newspaper sticks (with their own friends newspaper), a table for regulars, and board games, but also contemporary accents, Amstel1 is also called the modern ‘brown café’. Besides wood, other natural materials are used like marble and plants, which makes Amstel1 a timeless place. And with Amstel 1 as the address, in a beautiful corner building located on the enchanting banks of the Amstel River, we can say with some certainty that we have the most beautiful terrace in Amsterdam. With the breathtaking view over the Amstel River and the beautiful city center, we have the best view of the Munt Tower.


Amstel1 is open every day from 10:00 a.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, everyone is welcome until 1:00 a.m., and the rest of the week until 11:00 p.m.



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