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Vermaat Partyservice is the leading culinary partner for every event. We’ve built up a significant body of experience in devising, organising and catering a range of parties and events. For years we’ve been a proud partner to various unique, sometimes historic locations, such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht, and the Nationaal Militair Museum in Soesterberg. We also provide the culinary arrangements for large-scale events like the KLM Open and the Volvo Ocean Race.

Total experience

The strength of Vermaat Partyservice is in adding value and experience for our partners, guests and employees. We do this by taking a unique approach to each and every event. Every day, we challenge ourselves to create a total experience with our culinary creativity and leading service. We aim to create an experience that focuses on taste and on exceeding the expectations of our guests.

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business Sector

With respect to the services that Vermaat Partyservice provides to the business sector, every day brings new challenges too! We provide packages and decor to suit all kinds of meetings and day conferences, and we give our uniquely personal touch to corporate parties ranging from drinks to sit-down dinners. Thanks to our solid foundation, operational excellence and our passion for and pride in the work we do, our partners are confident in choosing us as their preferred party service partner.


The Vermaat Partyservice team stands for high quality and hospitality. With our team’s diverse personalities and talents, we make every event a success. And it’s not just about giving guests a friendly smile or a warm welcome – it’s about everything they experience in terms of the energy and atmosphere of the event. Our staff, from chef to hostess, are always approachable, friendly and helpful, and work together to ensure an unforgettable experience.

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Positive contribution

When we prepare and serve our delicious dishes at each of our events, we are constantly aware of the well-being of our planet, our living environment, our guests, and everyone who contributes to producing our food. With Vermaat Partyservice, we are committed to being an increasingly healthier, more sustainable and more socially responsible hospitality company, and we’re refining our working methods accordingly – for everything from our choice of ingredients and the composition of our dishes, to our waste management methods and sustainable investment in our kitchens. In doing so, we demonstrate our capacity to make food that is delicious, healthy and responsible, while contributing positively to the world of food and beverages.

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