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Vermaat started out in 1978 as a delicatessen on Jan van Scorelstraat in Utrecht, close to St. Antonius Hospital. When the hospital moved to Nieuwegein, we decided to move along with it in order to manage its catering services. Our first hospital branch was born! After many years of experience in the healthcare sector, we are now leading specialists in hospital catering.

Tailored solutions

Vermaat manages everything relating to hospitality and retail within the hospital. This includes restaurants and shops for both staff and visitors, and we also provide espresso bars, cater for meetings and manage all of the hospital’s vending machines. Our services are based on a unique hospitality concept specifically tailored to the hospital’s needs and aimed at strengthening the hospital’s mission and the way it is experienced by its users.

Personal touch

Visitors, patients and staff using a restaurant may be experiencing all kinds of emotions ranging from joy about the arrival of a new baby or grief over a loved one who is ill, to simply the stress of a hectic working day. The restaurant therefore functions as a welcoming oasis of rest and reflection within the busy hospital environment. Our service and professionalism ensure a positive experience for everyone, no matter what time of day they visit. Our staff do everything they can to make sure that our guests have as pleasant and comfortable a visit as possible.

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Healthy choices

Just like the hospitals we work with, we believe that health is important. Vitality is our top priority. That’s why we offer an attractive and healthy range of foods that are both nutritious and delicious. When it comes to guilty pleasures, we provide healthy and satisfying alternatives such as carrot dogs and beet burgers. Our staff are also actively committed to improving people’s health every day. Because they know the story behind our products, they’re able to inform people and encourage them to make healthy choices without pressuring them.

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'The Milkmaid' in the Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis.

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