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The Coronavirus holds the world in its grip. We see the worldwide implications and the impact it has on our clients. Healthcare workers are working around the clock, still fully dedicated. Everyone works from home in the corporate world and the intelligent lock-down also virtually stopped the culture and travel sector.

These are times when we all adapt to government measures and prepare for the new reality. We’re working hard on our answer to the one and a half meter society at Vermaat. In fact, we’re ready. We have measures in place that will allow our guests to enjoy our restaurants safely. In the video below, Operational Director Allard van Dam explains these measures.

Team up to safely enjoy.

Health and safety are a top priority, whether a location is fully or partially open. We have therefore, set up a working method in which we pay maximum attention to the safety of our guests and colleagues. These methods do not stand alone, as it only works if everyone cooperates; clients, colleagues and guests. That is why we say 'team up to safely enjoy’.

We’ve mapped out the journey that our guests will go through in the one and a half meter setup for each concept. We’ve made all kinds of communication tools based on this, to help our guests to adjust to the new situation. Examples of these are; floor stickers, signs and signage to ensure that our guests can maintain one a half meter distance. We’ve also taken various measures to prevent direct and indirect contact. Such as packing our dishes individually or by asking our guests to only touch the products they’ll purchase. We use transfer areas to allow dishes to go from hand to hand. And to guarantee our approach we have put our ‘Safely enjoy’ logo on all our communications.

Naturally, we’ve also worked out the same one and a half meter distance journey for our employees. In doing so, we have determined several additional measures to be able to work safely. Every employee is offered extra training and is only allowed to work once the training is completed successfully.

Guest wellness host

In addition to all the signage, we’ve appointed Guest Wellness Hosts at every location who can help guests with all their questions about hygiene, allergens, health and safety. The Guest Wellness Host is the first point of contact for guests to personally answer all possible questions and wishes. In this way, each guest is reassured to enjoy safely.

Vermaat Food Express

Finally, we started with Vermaat Food Express at a number of locations. A service for those who go to the office, but do not make use of the company restaurant. This service allows guests to order food from their workplace and pick it up at a pick-up point in the same building. Payment is done online, so physical checkout isn’t necessary.

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