Social Return

Trying to find a new rhythm

This is Nikita. She became chronically ill at an early age. At 18, she was diagnosed with several types of rheumatism. Nikita enjoys helping people and opts for an education in healthcare. However, it soon becomes clear that the work is physically too demanding for her. She goes on medical leave but does not give up.

After some searching, she found her way to Vermaat. She could immediately start working in the kitchen at our Service Office in IJsselstein. After 3 days, it turned out that it was not the right place for her. After a good conversation with Priscilla, one of our job coaches, we were able to find a perfect match for Nikita. She has been shining for a few months now in our HR Support department. Nikita has shown who she is. That is what helps us to find a place for you.

Social Return

At Vermaat, we believe everyone is unique and we strive to be an inclusive employer. This means we are working towards a culture where people feel welcome. We are committed to ensuring that everyone’s talents and qualities are given a chance. We pay extra attention to those who are distanced from the labor market and offer them a place within our organization. Because of our social commitment, we go the extra mile to help people who might not naturally find it easy to actively participate in society.

Job coaches

To achieve this, we invest in a Social Return team, in-house certified job coaches who are visible and can quickly act within the organization. The role of the job coach is essentially to make themselves redundant where possible, to support employees in becoming aware of their qualities and talents, and how to use them. They give advice to managers or contribute to job creation. Within the work available, they look at what is possible to help someone grow step by step.

Priscilla: “With Nikita, we discussed her wishes, skills, and potential. Based on that, we saw a match with the HR department, a completely different kind of job than the one she initially applied for. But that was where we saw a sustainable match! We find that this approach works well: looking beyond a resume to the (untapped) potential and opportunities, and then finding or creating a suitable job based on that. Customizing, that is Vermaat’s power.”

Social Return

If no mountain is too high for you and you are interested in working at Vermaat, or if you want to give your all for these amazing people and start as a job coach, please click on the tile below!

Social Return at Vermaat

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