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‘The Whole Person'. This is the motto of Maastricht UMC+ (MUMC+), capturing in three powerful words the hospital’s philosophy of care, which focuses not only on health recovery, but also on maintaining and promoting health. In our restaurant, we’ve translated this principle into a successful initiative that emphasises healthy food and beverages, without losing sight of the Burgundian character of the Limburg people.

Green steps

Our MUMC+ hospitality manager Johan has developed an exciting initiative for the visitors’ restaurant within the tailor-made Ad Mosam concept. Groene Stappen (Green Steps) is all about presenting healthy choices in a unique, inventive way. This starts with a large banner at the entrance to the restaurant, showing patients, visitors, staff and students what they need to do: follow the green footsteps on the floor. This green route leads guests past all of the restaurant’s healthy choices. It’s a fun, practical solution aimed at encouraging guests to make healthy choices from the very first moment.

Health Campus

At the moment, MUMC+, the province and various other parties committed to healthy lifestyles are collaborating on developing the new Mosae Vita centre. Located at the heart of the MUMC+ Health Campus, the centre will focus on the link between health, exercise and a healthy diet with the goal of helping the population of Limburg to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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